Friday, February 24, 2012

The Road to Blissdom

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Cassie over at Crazy and Cool with a side of Crafty. She's a local St. Louis blogger who's attending Blissdom this weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. What is Blissdom? It's a conference and networking event for aspiring female bloggers, social media enthusiasts, and anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship or photography.

There was just one small problem with Cassie's plan...she didn't have a ride! So, we offered to hook her up with a Toyota Sienna for the weekend to get her to her destination.

Toyota Sienna Roadtrip

Now, while Cassie isn't taking her kids to the conference, we wanted her to take the Sienna to get a feel for what it would be like to make a roadtrip in a family sized vehicle. After all, what better way to get acquainted with a family van and its features than by driving in it for multiple hours? And that's where this minivan shines. It's the winner of the MotorTrend Minivan Comparison Test, and has a bunch of other great things going for it. The Sienna:
  • Is the only minivan sold in America with available All-Wheel Drive
  • Is the least expensive vehicle to insure per year, at around $1111, according to
  • Has been recognized by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as a top safety pick in 2012.
  • Has A LOT of cargo space. Check out this photo from for a better idea of its capacity.

Cassie has been live tweeting (and will continue to do so) now through Sunday, and it's been smooth sailing so far in her Sienna.
You can follow her adventures on Twitter (@CrazyCoolCrafty) where she'll be using the #BlissdomSienna hashtag to document her trip and the conference!

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