Friday, March 30, 2012

What (Cars) Women Want

Remember that old movie from the 2000's? Where Mel Gibson could read the mind of ladies and know exactly what they're thinking? Research company Polk might not have been able to tap into the specific lifestyle needs of each and every female driver, but they have figured out the cars they want to drive - at least according to sales data. A list of the top ten vehicles with the largest percentage of female buyers was just recently compiled by them.

Mel Gibson driving

For the longest time, the top spot belonged to the Beetle, which many of us probably weren't too surprised by. But here is where it gets interesting- the mighty bug has since fallen! After getting a recent redesign that removed some of the cutesy details (such as a flowerpot on the dash), it's meant to have some more appeal to guys now. With the Beetle's decline, the majority of the top 10 list has been comprised of compact crossovers, which are best described as wagons that look like sport utility vehicles but ride like cars.
We're excited to say that two of our offerings make the grade with the gals - at #5, the
Toyota Matrix:

Toyota Matrix.

and at #8, the RAV4:

Toyota RAV4

Here's the full list, with the percentage of female buyers in parentheses:

1. Volvo S40 (57%)
2. Nissan Rogue (56.9%)
3. Volkswagen Eos (56.4%)
4. Volkswagen Beetle (54.6%)
5. Toyota Matrix (54.1%)
6. Hyundai Tucson (54%)
7. Honda CR-V (53.4%)
8. Toyota RAV 4 (53%)
9. Nissan Juke (52.7%)
10. Jeep Compass (52.7%)

Do any of these come as a surprise to you? Leave a comment and tell us if you think there should have been any changes to the list!

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