Friday, July 20, 2012

Ready For a Redesigned RAV4?

RAV4 Prototype

You can run, but you can't hide. Even with heavy camouflage! Not too long ago, a prototype RAV4 was spotted as it was being test driven over in Europe. What's Toyota got up their sleeve for this new version?

From the folks over at AutoBlog, rumor has it that the RAV4 will sport design elements from the newest version of the Camry. Consider this: the third generation RAV4 was released in 2005, making it seven years since the vehicle has seen a major redesign (it did receive a slight refresh in 2009). In the car world, that's quite the lifespan. Thus, it's no surprise that Toyota is diligently working to give the car a makeover. Expect the interior to be updated significantly with the latest technology and Toyota innovations, such as Entune. The wheelbase is also supposed to be slightly longer than before, which would free up more interior room.

Are you more excited to see a redesigned RAV4 for 2013, or the electric version of the RAV4 that was developed with Tesla? Both are still awaiting official release dates in the midwest, but I'll keep you posted if I hear anything!

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