Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Toyota and KBB- Karate Chopping to Victory

You've probably used Kelley Blue Book at some point during your car search. It's a great online resource for getting an initial estimate on the value of a specific car, whether you're buying or selling. The estimates they give for trading in your vehicle to a dealership are pretty competitive too. I once looked up the value of my car and then asked my sales manager to give me an estimate. Both numbers weren't too far off from one another.

For the Toyota enthusiasts out there, if you've found your eyes drifting towards a new Camry or an Entune equipped vehicle lately while browsing KBB, feel free to rejoice! Since the beginning of 2010, car shoppers on KBB have been most loyal to Toyota compared to other auto brands. KBB did a study and found that the majority of people searching their site were looking up Toyota vehicles. In fact, in August of 2012, of the 25 most shopped for vehicles, number one was the Camry (the Highlander was the 13th most searched for, Corolla 17th, RAV4 18th, and Tacoma 23rd)!

"Toyota's reputation for quality, reliability and strong resale values undoubtedly contribute to the brand's success. New-car shoppers on KBB.com continue to prove their love for Toyota, time and time again," said Arthur Henry, manager of market intelligence for Kelley Blue Book. "Recent redesigns of best-selling models like the Camry, and increasing popularity of fuel-sippers like the Prius family, continue to drive interest and traffic to Toyota's new cars on KBB.com. The brand also has very impressive, longstanding shopper loyalty statistics."

You know who else was loyal and succeeded? Daniel LaRusso, the karate kid. That famous song from the equally famous movie was one of the first things to randomly pop into my mind. Followed up fairly quickly by "Wax on, wax off!"
I'm sure the guys at Toyota are celebrating the news of their victory on KBB's website by playing Joe Esposito's ultimate montage song repeatedly-

Now that we've gotten the nostalgia fix out of our system- do you use Kelley Blue Book? What other resources do you search when looking for car information online?

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