Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The DragQuoia: Your Next Family Car?

2012 Toyota Sequoia, Toyota Dream Build Challenge

You thought your ride was intense? How about a drag racing vehicle the whole family can enjoy?
 Check out this custom beast that was constructed for the upcoming SEMA trade show. Dubbed the "DragQuoia", it's a 650-horsepower machine developed by Toyota Racing Development. There's a supercharged V8 engine shoved under the hood, complete with nitrous to really get fuel burning (and engine roaring). To top it off, the DragQuoia is a whopping 1,600 pounds lighter than the original Sequoia. In other words, it's really fast. For comparison, the regular Toyota Sequoia has around 381 horsepower and weighs 5,730 pounds. What traits do both vehicles share, however? They both have a baby seat inside!

The DragQuoia was the brainchild of NHRA driver Antron Brown, and it was designed as part of the Toyota "Dream Build" challenge, where famous drivers are challenged to create customized versions of their favorite Toyota vehicles, all for charity. The competition? The DragQuoia faces a Camry designed by Kyle Busch, a Prius whipped up by Clint Bowyer and a Tundra penned by Alexis DeJoria.

If you could trick out any Toyota ride, what would you want to customize?

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