Friday, December 21, 2012

Toys in a Toyota Tundra for Tots

On the topic of holiday toy drives and getting into the Christmas spirit while at work, most people are genuinely excited. Others take on slightly more of a Grinch attitude. But that all changes when you combine a toy drive with an employee barbecue! At Lou Fusz Toyota, we pulled out all the stops. Granted, with how much some of our employees (such as John and Dan) can eat, we kind of had to. Burgers, brats, Italian sausage, you name it. Everything was made in the giant grill below thanks to our grill master pal Terry Weir from our Ford store! To top it off, our lovely manager Karen picked up potato salad, slaw, chips, and at least three different cakes. It was a feast that any tailgating party would have been proud of. The leftovers didn't even make it to the next day! Believe me, I checked the break room fridge.

Todd Sterling, BBQ Plate, Lou Fusz Toyota, Charity

To fund the BBQ, our staff contributed donations for the event, and when all was said and done, we collected over three hundred dollars that we knew we wanted to put towards a great cause- specifically, Toys For Tots. Our GM Phil Fusz matched the amount we raised and then some. With money in hand, we set out on several shopping sprees to pick up toys, giving ourselves a little bit of extra time as a buffer so we could play around. Browse any toy aisle and try not to, I dare you!

Target, Toys For Tots, Shopping

After our shopping trip, we loaded up a Toyota Tundra in our showroom that already had some donated toys in it. Here was the finished result-

Nice haul, right? We then waited until our official pick up day, and helped carry all the toys into a large moving truck that was gathering up donations from all of the Fusz stores.

Allstate, Toys For Tots, Lou Fusz, Vehicle Exchange Program

We had a great time collecting all the toys, and hope they go out to some deserving families in St. Louis and everywhere else! Happy holidays! 


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