Friday, April 12, 2013

2012 vs 2013 Toyota Avalon: Why "Only the Name Remains"

Idris Elba, 2013 Toyota Avalon, Only the Name Remains, Luxury Car

If you're a fan of The Wire or The Office, you might recognize Idris Elba- he's a Golden Globe winning actor known for his roles as Baltimore drug kingpin Stinger Bell, and Dunder Mifflin corporate big-wig Charles Miner. Toyota recruited him for a new series of videos featuring the Toyota Avalon and a bunch of high adrenaline stunt driving scenes, which are featured on Youtube as well as the interactive site. The car chase scenes on the Toyota site are pretty exciting- they feel like they could have been ripped straight out of something like a James Bond or Bourne Identity film!

According to David Chung of Toyota Motor Sales, the "Only the Name" title being used for these spots is meant to reflect just how different the new generation Avalon is from its predecessor. "Everything’s dramatically improved, from the technology inside the vehicle to the driving characteristics to the sexy styling of the vehicle", he added.

One of the big changes with the redesigned Avalon is the modern instrument-panel layout, with Intellitouch buttons for the radio and climate controls—doing away with the physical buttons of older models. You can also get features like a backup camera, blind spot monitor with rear cross traffic alert, and dynamic radar cruise control, which helps to maintain distance from vehicles ahead of you.

No matter which trim you go for (Base, Premium, Touring, or Limited) you're getting a ride that competes well with other full sized luxury sedans. Just look at the comparison shot below to see how much has changed, design wise. Which one would you rather drive?

2012 vs 2013 Toyota Avalon, New Look Avalon, Lou Fusz


  1. Love those car chase scenes on the video, the redesigned Avalon is loads better than the previous model, and looks a lot meaner as well!

  2. If you told me about an Avalon before 2013, I wouldn't have had much to say, but now I definitely agree- the aggressive exterior adds a lot more appeal!