Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Seize the Day

Ask anyone if they can name a charitable event that they take part in annually, and a good number of people will tell you something like the Komen Race for the Cure. It's certainly a great a cause, but when you think about it, there are many other organizations that could use our help, especially locally based ones. That's why this year, Lou Fusz Toyota is proud to announce our sponsorship for the Epilepsy Foundation of Missouri and Kansas with their "Seize the Day" 5K race on  June 16th.

We visited with Deane Jones and her family this past week, and learned about how many more people in St. Louis are afflicted with epilepsy than we could have ever thought. 15,073 kids alone are dealing with it on a daily basis, and up to 250,000 people in the St. Louis area have had recurring seizures at some point in their life. At this time, there is no known cure for epilepsy, only treatments that can be used to control their frequency. However, even with medication, a percentage of people, sometimes up to 20%, will still experience uncontrollable seizures. It is incredibly important to raise awareness for epilepsy in children, as their social and emotional growth can be damaged if their seizures are not controlled.

Here's an interesting fact about epilepsy you may not have known - those who suffer it can still legally drive, in most cases. With proper treatment, a patient afflicted with epilepsy may be able obtain the necessary licensing requirements to operate a car within three months to a year, on average. Sadly, many other countries around the world prohibit those who ever had an epileptic bout from driving at all.

With your help, we can build awareness on epilepsy and make this a memorable day. The Seize the Day race will be held in our neighborhood on Saturday, June 16th, at the Kirkwood Train Station – 110 W. Argonne Dr, Kirkwood, MO, 63122.

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To participate in the race, you'll need to register by May 24th. There is a jogging race (with prizes!) and a non-competitive walk, for those who still want to take part in the day's festivities. If you can't make the event, you can also donate to the Epilepsy Foundation. For full details, visit the Seize the Day website. We hope to see you June 16th! 

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