Friday, March 23, 2012

Three's Company - Preparing for the Unexpected

My fellow co-worker and sales gal Nancy Shubert recently showed me an article in an issue of STLFamily magazine that I wanted to share. It's about a family that hears some surprising news, and how we were able to help them out.

Now, we all know the birth of a child is a momentous occasion in any young couple's life. So when the news came on Brendan Freeman's 33rd birthday that his wife Angie was having triplets, he was, for lack of a better word, shocked. According to Brendan, an avid runner, "I compare it to the stages when you are running a marathon: denial, fear, shock. Then, once you finally come to terms with it...exuberance."

STLFamily Mag

He goes on to say that they always wanted to have a family of three children.  After giving birth to two sons, it never crossed his mind that his wife would have triplets! But sometimes life can throw curveballs that you have to prepare for, and Brendan knew that he was going to have to accommodate for his much larger family. He would need additional cribs in his home, three times the amount of diapers (the triplets apparently went through about 9,000 diapers in their first year!), and most importantly, a car that can fit him, his wife, his two toddler sons, and three infants.

When the news came, Brendan made sure to buy plenty of children's car seats, and spent an entire day driving up and down Manchester Rd, looking for the perfect vehicle for his growing family. He wanted one with a roomy interior, and as luck would have it, ended up at Lou Fusz Toyota. He shared his story with us, and ended up purchasing a Toyota Sienna.

If you've been following the Toyota Talk blog, you'll know that we recently helped out blogger Cassie over at Crazy and Cool with a Side of Crafty, by setting her up with a Sienna for a roadtrip she made. She has a great post on how the Sienna drives and how it is suitable for a family. It has the most cargo capacity in its class, and is the most affordable vehicle on the market to insure, which brings some peace of mind to families of 7 such as the Freemans. Plus, after seeing their weekly grocery bill, I'm sure that they're happy to be saving money in any way they can!

Would you be able to manage having triplets, financially? What other tips and tools would you utilize to prepare for and cut down on your expenses?

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