Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun Facts About Fusz

To commemorate my 50th blog post, I thought I'd write some fun facts you may not have known about Lou Fusz and our employees! 

Lou Fusz, RV, Lou Fusz Automotive Group,  St. Louis

1. The Lou Fusz Motor Company was formed in 1956 by Lou Fusz Sr. We've been around in St. Louis for quite some time!
2. Lou Jr., who is the current CEO,  joined in 1969.
3. We have 16 stores in the St. Louis area.
4. The very first store the Lou Fusz group ever had was a Pontiac store, which eventually became the Toyota store.
5. When the Pontiac store first opened, there was a big celebration event, with a fabulous attendance prize: the chance to win a free pony!
6. Our dress code here is funny - on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we wear blue, unless there's a Cardinals home game, and then we wear red.
7. One of our salesmen, Jim Donohue, once played baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals. It must run in the family because his dad Jim also played!
8. Another of our longtime sales staff, Nancy Shubert, has a son, Alex, who is a professional comic book artist in New York!
9. In 2011, we remodeled our showroom completely.
10. After months of renovations, we invited our customers and everyone to come out and celebrate our grand re-opening, and hired our first ever food truck to cater the food! (Our staff has since loved the idea of food trucks).
11. All of our customers get an Auto Awards membership, which gives them points towards future purchases and multiple free oil changes!
12. The Auto Awards membership also gives you a bunch of discounts with local restaurants and retailers, such as 15% off Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Yum!
13. Several of our employees have nicknames - Kris Portnoy, one of our salesmen, once mentioned how he watched Jersey Shore, and has since been affectionately referred to as "Snooki"!
14Jeff Strum, who works in the pre-owned department, is originally from California, and carries a bit of that Golden state vibe in his speech and mannerisms. For that, his official catch phrase with all of us is "Excellent!"
15. If you ever drive down Manchester road and pass Bozzay Florist, you're actually passing by the family business of our salesman Dan Bozzay!
16. We love being part of the community - whether it's getting involved in events or sponsoring great causes. One of our first big contributions was starting the Lou Fusz Soccer Club.
17. Some of us recently took part in the Lake St. Louis Polar Plunge, to benefit the Special Olympics. Scroll down through the album to find our group dressed as Pac-Man characters!
18. Pat Huxen in our BDC department loves to make melted crayon art in his spare time. Yes, you heard right. You have to see it!
19. Our parts department is one of the largest in the Midwest. If there's something you need, there's a good chance we have it.
20. When the St. Louis Cardinals were playing in the World Series in 2011, we had special Rally Squirrel beads made just for our customers and fans!
21. In February, we sponsored a Hollywood style red carpet event, the Yelp St. Louis Black 'N Red Ball. We even had a photo backdrop commissioned just for the occasion.
22. Several Lou Fusz employees are musically inclined - Steve Bachesta and Brian Williams both play guitar, and Erik (yours truly) is a singer!
23. We are all experts at blowing up and tying balloons. If you look at our lot, we're constantly putting new ones up!
24. We just might be the only local car dealership with a Pinterest page.
25. If you have your photo taken with us during your new car delivery, we'll post it on our Facebook page. Strike a pose!
26.  Whenever we have food catered for our employees, it tends to be from this great local Italian place, Psghetti's (mostly because sub sandwiches on sweet Hawaiian bread are some of the most delicious things ever).
27. Our GM, Phil Fusz, is an avid golfer, and has played at a bunch of different courses, including Pebble Beach.
28. Patrick Fusz, Phil's nephew, trains for and participates in marathons in his free time.
29. During October of 2011, we had a pet costume contest on Facebook. The fan favorite was the "jailbird" pooch!
30. Penny, our office manager, owns 65 different pairs of shoes and counting. The average for most women is around 17!
31. Anne, who also works in the office, is part of the St. Louis Dragboat Association in her spare time (I asked her if she races the boats, and she laughed and shook her head instanteously).
32. We're very family oriented here. In fact, we have two couples who work together! Tom and Karen Capstick, and Jeff and Stacy Prince.
33. Several times a year, we hold New Owner Events, where our customers can eat dinner on us and learn more about their cars and proper maintenance.
34. When it comes to Mac vs PC, the Fusz family loves Apple.
35. We love to work with other bloggers!

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