Friday, June 15, 2012

Patty the Moose

Have you ever used a mascot or an object as a source of inspiration? Something to motivate you to do your very best, an icon that represents your commitment to a goal? At Lou Fusz Toyota, it's every salesperson's dream to attain the mythic beast known as Patty the moose. We're not exactly sure where he came from (rumor has it he mysteriously appeared in the showroom one day after some of the sales guys went on a weekend fishing trip). So why is Patty important? What does he represent?

For those who win the opportunity to proudly display Patty in their cubicle for a week, they'll tell you: he doesn't actually offer any sort of bonus or physical reward. It's all about the perception of being the best, and striving to go the extra mile.

I've always been a fan of these types of friendly competitions at work. You're not put in a position where you have to compete, but if you do, you're rewarded with the feeling of knowing that you did a good deed that has been noticed by your peers. In other words, the significance of Patty at the dealership means that all of our salespeople are doing their best to help you without making you feel pressured or rushed. Earning your business (and subsequently, your praise) is what gives them the ability to be considered as a contender for Patty the moose. Is he necessary? No, but I think the concept of gamification can assist in building a memorable experience between a customer and a business. Especially when it's on a local level, with someone that you can communicate with on a first name basis.

So, next time you're walking around the dealership, keep your eyes peeled for Patty- with eyes like that, he's hard to miss!

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