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How Safe Is Your City to Drive In?

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Car crash fatalities are at the lowest level they've been since 1949, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Fender bender much? Your likelihood of bumping into another driver on the road could depend entirely on where you live, at least according to a new report released by AllState Insurance Company. They've ranked the 200 largest cities in America according to car collision frequency based off of claims data over a two year period.

Seeing as how I live in Missouri, my first inclination was to of course check and see what locales I'm familiar with that were represented. Three cities from the Show-Me State are featured on the list, with Springfield ranking 10th, Kansas City ranking 16th, and my hometown of St. Louis a distant 101st. The data in the list calculates the probability of a driver experiencing an auto collision compared to the national average, which is once every 10 years.

So, in Springfield and Kansas City, drivers have a 17.4% and 14.6% less chance, respectively, to have a collision in a 10 year period. The estimate is once every 11.7 years in KC, and 12.1 in Springfield. How does St. Louis fare? We're actually 8.8% more likely to have an accident, with an estimated collision once every 9.2 years! 

Who's number one? See the top 10 list below, or download the full list here.

City & Overall RankingCollision Likelihood Compared to National AverageAverage Years Between Collisions
1.   Sioux Falls, S.D.27.6% less likely13.8
2.   Boise, Idaho27.3% less likely13.8
3.   Fort Collins,Colo.26.7% less likely13.6
4.   Madison, Wisc.23.0% less likely13.0
5.   Lincoln, Neb.19.3% less likely12.4
6.   Huntsville, Ala.19.1% less likely12.4
7.   Chandler, Ariz.18.9% less likely12.3
8.   Reno, Nev.18.4% less likely12.3
9.   Knoxville, Tenn.18.1% less likely12.2
10. Springfield, Mo.17.4% less likely12.1

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Have you been in any auto accidents in the past 10 years? What do you think is the best way to lower your risk for getting into an accident? Leave a comment below! 

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