Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What Happens When You Contact Our Internet Team?

The Internet Business Development Center (BDC). It sounds so professional. So important. So...confusing? What is a BDC anyway? Fancy titles aside, the BDC is where the dealership's internet team works to help customers who are inquiring about vehicles online. Say you're shopping for a car and find the exact one you're interested in learning more about. A shoreline blue Toyota 4Runner with four wheel drive. You fill out the text box on the dealer website with your contact info so that you can get more details on it. What happens next?

Internet BDC, Shopping for a car online

Like a well oiled machine, the internet team at a car dealership is designed to pump out specs and statistics for you on the fly. While many shoppers still prefer to visit the dealership and browse cars in person, there's been a growing number of people who want to pinpoint one specific vehicle and really do their homework before making a decision. If you're that kind of person, the guys and gals on the internet team are the perfect ones to work with.

Now, how does this process work? At Lou Fusz Toyota, when you submit a request for info, whether it's during the day or in the evening, our staff gets notified and is responsible for getting information back to you as soon as possible. Our goal is to answer any questions that you may have, so that when you set an appointment with a salesman, you'll be comfortable and know exactly what you're looking for. This is accomplished by making a personalized video just for you, detailing the features you're most interested in.

Check out our Internet BDC video for a glimpse into what we do when a customer contacts us.


  1. Great post. I am that kind of person that does my homework before making a big decision. I was just at chevy in Grand Rapids, there is one car I am interested but I want to check all my other options before going forward with that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My pleasure! Good luck finding the right car!