Friday, October 5, 2012

Is a Scion iQ Right For You?

2013 Scion iQ, Lou Fusz Toyota, St. Louis Scion dealer

It's touted as "the world's smallest 4-seater" and the master of fitting into tight parking spaces. The Scion iQ is a versatile car worth considering for you or your family if you're looking for something super compact with above average gas mileage. What's nice about Scion vehicles is that they have what's considered "pure pricing", meaning that Scion sets the price rather than the dealer. You don't have to haggle or negotiate while shopping- what you see is what you pay!

The iQ really shines in congested urban environments, though it can be useful even if you're in the suburbs like I happen to be. In my case, I have a two car garage with a third car belonging to my roommate that is parked on our driveway. Whenever I want to go somewhere, I usually have to maneuver around his car as I back out. Now, if one of us had an iQ it would make things immensely easier because of how small it is. The same thing applies for all those too-good-to-be-true parking spots you come across out in public. The ones where you come to find that the sole reason the spot is open in the first place is because someone else parked awkwardly and no normal sized car could fit into the space you want! First world problems? Sure, but if you're considering one of these, knowing that you can park or reverse out of just about anywhere with ease is definitely a strong selling point (maybe even the strongest?) for the car.

The immediate comparison most people are going to make is, "how does the iQ compare to other small cars like the SmartCar, Honda Fit, or Ford Fiesta?"

Here is a quick comparison chart among the four vehicles, so you can get an idea of what's different:

2013 Scion iQ, Smart ForTwo, Honda Fit, Ford Fiesta

VehicleScion iQ Smart ForTwo  Honda Fit Ford Fiesta
MPG: City/Hwy
Car Length (in) 120.1 106.1 161.6 160.1
Price (2013) $16,140 $17,890 (Passion Trim) $16,125 $14,200
Engine 1.3L 94hp I4 1L 70hp I3 1.5L 117hp I4 1.6L 120hp I4
Front Shoulder Room (in) 53.1 48 52.7 52.7
Front Hip Room (in) 53.9 45.4 51.5 49.2
CD Player/USB Input Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/No

Size wise, the iQ is slightly bigger than the Smart ForTwo, but it does offer the ability to transport
more than two passengers at once. It also has the best overall mileage of the four vehicles, with a modest price, and the most shoulder and hip room for the driver. All vehicles come equipped with driver, front side, passenger, and rear airbags, as well as power door locks.

What features are most important to you when it comes to buying a compact car?

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