Tuesday, October 9, 2012

American Vs Foreign Cars: Where Do You Stand?

Do you prefer American or Foreign cars? Photo courtesy of FreeDigitalphotos.net

Much like politics, people will always be divided when it comes to choosing their vehicle preference. You have the camp that only buys what they consider American-made cars and sticks to brands such as Ford, GM, and Chevy. On the other hand, there are enthusiasts who claim that foreign made cars get better gas mileage, are safer, and so forth.

So who's right?

Well, consider this- Toyota's flagship vehicle, the Camry, is manufactured in Georgetown, Kentucky. It has also been honored by Cars.com with the title of "Most American Vehicle" for the past several years. The number two spot is held by the Ford F-150, but #3 and #4? Two more "foreign" vehicles, the Honda Accord and Toyota Sienna.

I asked a few of our staff at Lou Fusz for their thoughts on this topic, and here's what they shared with me: Sue in our F&I department reminded me that we have a manufacturing plant right here in Missouri:  Bodine Aluminum (based out of Troy) that creates parts for Toyota.

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Terry Weir, one of our sales consultants, added: "I think there's certainly a stigma for some people when it comes to choosing what they consider a foreign brand over an American one. Will they ever be persuaded to change their ways? Maybe, maybe not. One thing is for sure though- Japanese made cars have helped set a standard of quality for the industry as a whole, to make cars that are safer and that last longer. It really benefits everyone, including other automakers, in the long run."

In an article on CNN Money, Michael Robinet, vice president of vehicle forecasting for industry consultants CSM Automotive, predicts that "We're quickly entering a future where a company's headquarters matters less and less."

How do you feel about American made vs foreign cars? Has the line officially been blurred to where this argument shouldn't matter anymore? Share us your thoughts below!


  1. i drive a 1998 gmc sonoma sls and it is wonderful it a two wheel drive it has over 179060 miles on it Ive been driving t fir over a year now and plan on it for the near future, iv done some maintenance on it like replaced the whole rear brake line i do my own brakes,oil,plugs,and fuel filter.the only thing i could not do is get the coil pack out (i may have that wrong) my dad took this to a mechanic to figure out we also did some other stuff