Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rock 'n Roll and a Bowl of Chili

As October draws to a close, it's been a pretty exciting month at Lou Fusz Toyota. We opened the very first Allstate branch in Missouri that's inside a dealership, for customers to get fast and free insurance quotes. In addition, we participated in a few different events to raise money for some great organizations in the St. Louis area.

First was our chili cook off- we have one just about every year and it's always exciting to see the different creations our staff can come up with. Some follow secret family recipes, others borrow from celebrity chefs, and if you're like me, you just set out to make a chili that is as hot as humanly possible.

Lou Fusz chili cook off, Fusz charity event

From left to right, we had: salesman John Sanchez's "Deer" chili, my sweet and super spicy "Ghost Pepper" chili, Steve Delaney's "Chorizo and Chuck Roast" chili, service manager Larry Zeid's "Guy Fieri" chili, sales manager Karen Capstick's "Homemade Sweet" chili, and saleswoman Nancy Schubert's "Classic" chili. Our entire staff sampled and voted on their favorite. The winner? John's deer chili! He won a Target gift card and was happy to share his recipe on our Facebook page.

We decided that we wanted to use the money we raised for the cook off to benefit HavenHouse St. Louis, a local non-profit that provides temporary housing to families who travel to the area for medical stays. It was a perfect fit, seeing as how the Fusz family has been involved with them in the past.

Haven House St. Louis Lou Fusz Toyota charity

Also this month, our very own Patrick Fusz took part in the Rock 'n Roll St. Louis marathon.

Patrick Fusz, Rock 'n Roll marathon St. Louis, TASK

Pat's no stranger to races- he finished the Tough Mudder (one of the most physically intensive courses out there) as well as the Epilepsy Foundation's Seize the Day 5K this year. For Rock 'n Roll, he helped to raise $1,000 for TASK, a non-profit that supports sports and activities for special needs children.

We're looking forward to the rest of the fall and winter season and opportunities to get involved in the community! Do you know any great organizations that could use help? Let us know! 

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