Friday, November 16, 2012

100 Blog Posts for Good

There's been a lot of chatter here on the Toyota Talk blog. A hundred blog posts worth of content, to be precise! While I could reflect on all the writing I've done over the past year and do like a lot of different forms of media tend to do (condense everything into a "best of" segment, minus the laugh track) I think I'd prefer to talk about an initiative that we at the dealership have been proud to take part in for the second year in a row.

So what's the scoop? It was a tweet that started it all, actually. This past summer, I noticed a local charity, Haven House St. Louis, had mentioned a contest they were involved in with Toyota called 100 Cars for Good. I immediately recognized it because we helped out the fine folks at Mission St. Louis, who were selected as a winner last year. After seeing HavenHouse tweet about how they needed a vehicle to transport patients, I knew we had to get involved and help them win!

100 Cars for Good St Louis, HavenHouse St. Louis, Lou Fusz Toyota, Charity, STL non profit
Patrick handing the "key" to Kathy Sindel from HavenHouse.

The 100 Cars for Good initiative is a big deal. Toyota gives away vehicles to deserving non profit organizations around the country each year. To enter, each non profit must submit a video explaining how a new vehicle would benefit them, and then win the vote of the public on their designating voting day. Well, that day came and we spread the word like wildfire among the Fusz network and our social networks. There's a reason they call it the information super highway...word travels fast!

HavenHouse took the majority vote, was announced a winner, and graciously allowed us to be the dealership to present the new Toyota Sienna minivan they would be receiving. To make their delivery day more exciting, we held a fundraiser and collected money to literally fill the entire back of their new vehicle with supplies. We're talking things like toothpaste and hand sanitizer they could use for all the traveling guests that stay at HavenHouse's facility. We also made some customized HavenHouse decals and put them on their vehicle, and got our Allstate office inside the dealership to make a donation as well. When the day came, we had representatives from Toyota and families from HavenHouse come out to celebrate!

The best part about this morning was seeing the mobility seat of the Sienna in action. HavenHouse specifically picked this minivan because it is the only one of it's kind in America that comes with a built in seat that can accommodate passengers with disabilities.

Sienna Mobility, AutoAccess Seat, Toyota, Handicap Seating

Check out the AutoAccess Seat video below-

Congratulations again to HavenHouse St. Louis- we hope you love your Sienna, and we can't wait to see it on the road! 

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