Friday, February 22, 2013

5 hybrids with the best MPG in 2013

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I read an article online about gas prices, and in the comments section, a lady was reminiscing about when it only cost $1.50 a gallon. Could you imagine filling your tank up for less than twenty bucks? It almost seems like ancient history (and in fact, 2003 was the last time gas was round $1.59/gallon).

With prices dancing near the four dollar mark, now is certainly not the best time to own a gas guzzler, especially if the car you're driving is your daily vehicle that has to travel 40 or more miles round trip in a day. So what do you do if you want to get the absolute best efficiency possible out of your car? Consider switching to a hybrid.

The technology for all electric (also called "Plug-in") vehicles is still quite a ways off when it comes to achieving good mileage on a single battery charge, leaving hybrid vehicles as the most accessible choice. Whether you need something compact, or prefer a roomy and spacious ride, there's a hybrid for your needs!

Here are the five most efficient hybrids currently available, with most priced under $30K:

1. 2013 Toyota Prius C - 50 combined mpg (53 city/46 hwy)
2013 Toyota Prius C

This is Toyota's most efficient Prius on the market. It's smaller and lighter than the original Prius, with a body style similar to that of a Toyota Yaris. The base model of the Prius C is priced just over $19,000, making it the most affordable hybrid on the market.

2. 2013 Toyota Prius - 50 combined mpg (51 city/48 hwy)
2013 Toyota Prius
Toyota's flagship hybrid, the original model Prius continues to remain on top, only beaten out slightly by its smaller cousin. The Prius is known for it's unique look and incredibly quiet driving experience. Compared to the C, it's slightly better for long trips on the highway, but not as efficient in traffic. The 2013 "Two" model is available for around $25,289.

3. 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid - 45 mpg (45 city, 45 hwy)

2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Who would have ever guessed a luxury brand like Lincoln would have one of the more efficient cars on the market? The MKZ is priced around $36,800 and has a stylish exterior.

4. 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid - 45 mpg (42 city, 48 hwy)
2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
The Jetta Hybrid is Volkswagen's second hybrid sold in the U.S., and the German automaker is trying hard to move away from being only known for selling efficient diesel vehicles. The Jetta Hybrid features a turbocharged engine and outputs 170 HP with a price tag of around $24,995.

5. 2013 Honda Insight - 42 mpg (41 city, 44 hwy)

2013 Honda Insight

The Insight gets praise for being one of the cheapest hybrids available, with a starting cost of around $18,600 for the most basic model. While the MPG numbers aren't as high as the Prius or Prius C in terms of  it's still a practical choice.

Do you drive any of these vehicles? What are your impressions of them? 


  1. This is such great information. I have been so excited to see Volkswagen put out a car that can compete with these other brands. I have had my Jetta for about 2 years. Once I heard they were coming out with a hybrid I was so excited. I have been trying to find time to go and test drive this "hybrid that doesn't drive like a hybrid." Thanks so much for this post!

  2. You're welcome! As they say, competition is always a good makes every brand try harder to be better!

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