Friday, February 15, 2013

Making every second count with Scion

Should a car brand be "one size fits all", or is it better to find your audience and focus on relating to them? You want to be able to please everyone, but realistically, it doesn't always happen. For Scion, the answer has been clear- ever since their inception in 2002, the brand has been the sportier and edgier offshoot of Toyota, aimed toward those who enjoy being a bit more experimental and adventurous with their choice in vehicles (and lifestyle). Look no further than the micro sized iQ to see their philosophy in action.

To better convey this notion, Scion decided to create a series of short documentaries focusing on five different entrepreneurs and the lives they lead. They were each given a video camera and a Scion vehicle for two weeks, and told to just film everything. The finished result features a three minute glimpse into the thoughts of a chef, a music promoter, a bicycling advocate, a filmmaker/web personality, and a food truck owner. They were all directed by Doug Pray, and I have to say, he did a great job telling everyone's story in such a short window of time.

You can check out the videos below-

Chef and food activist Bryant Terry talks sustainability and the iQ

Music promoter Travis Hayes Busse in the tC

Cycling enthusiast and bike shop owner Danny Farahirad drives the xB 

 Filmmaker Levi Maestro drives the FR-S and talks about how he turned passion into career

Food truck owner Lisa Nativo on the xD and following her dreams

Which video is your favorite? Do you think Scion resonates with a certain kind of person? Or do you have a Scion vehicle of your own that you've customized? Share us your thoughts!


  1. Interesting Blog! Good Videos of five different entrepreneurs, but here i like the most Music promoter Travis Hayes Busse in the tC.

  2. As someone who makes music on the side, I might be leaning toward that one too. Appreciate your input!

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