Friday, March 15, 2013

Caffeine and iQ: the Perfect Combo

Who is Jason Bowes? A crafty entrepreneur out of the United Kingdom who's taking the idea of mobile business to a new level! Now, we're all familiar with food trucks, those delicious meals on wheels that have been getting more and more popular the past few years. The variety of food trucks that have popped up are astounding. You can get everything from Korean tacos to specialty cupcakes these days, and just about every city across the country has been seeing an increase in trucks, even in my hometown of St. Louis!
But what about a nice hot espresso? Can there be such a thing as a beverage vehicle? Jason saw this opportunity and decided to build his own coffee company...using a Scion iQ!

Jason Bowes and his Coffee2Go Scion iQ. Photo credit:

How'd he end up choosing the iQ, which is known as the Toyota iQ overseas? In an interview with the blog, he said: "What’s great about the iQ is that even though it’s small, it easily carries everything I need. I carry a table and sign on the roof rails, and the coffee beans, cups, the chiller for the milk, the sugar, hot chocolate, cutlery and till all fit around the coffee machine or on the passenger seat."

With help from his dad, they installed the coffee machine by building a frame in place of the rear seats of the vehicle. It took quite some time (nearly a month) but Jason says that the design of the Coffee2Go car has gotten a great response since he launched it, and that he's been booked multiple times for events already. Plus, despite the weight of the machine and all the equipment, he still gets great gas mileage, since the iQ is one of the most efficient non-hybrid vehicles out there, with a EPA rated 37 MPG.

You can see the iQ coffee car in action below-

Would you like to see a portable pick-me-up service like this in your town? Or does a similar one exist? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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