Friday, May 31, 2013

Our visit with the Experience Genie

Some stories need no further explanation. When we heard of a young boy, Liam, who had been diagnosed with stage four cancer, we wanted to help. That's when we decided to partner up and become a sponsor with the I Am Genie foundation, a wish granting organization created by Joshua Dawson. Since 2009, Mr. Dawson has dedicated his life to sharing the stories of heroes and making their wishes come true. Whether they're survivors of cancer or simply neighborhood crusaders doing good deeds to inspire the well being of their community, the Experience Genie wants their story to be heard.

On May 7th, we helped to surprise Liam and his family with a "dream day". They arrived at our dealership in the morning, and were greeted by members of the Fusz family, who then announced that a very special visitor had arrived...the Genie!

We gave Liam's family the keys to a brand new Toyota Sequoia so they could drive around St. Louis for a day, visiting places such as the St. Louis Zoo for a behind the scenes tour, flying over the city for a private helicopter ride, and spending the evening downtown with dinner and surprise tickets to a Cardinals game later that weekend.

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The experience was wonderful and brought a lot of excitement to the dealership. The Genie, Mr. Dawson, was extremely polite, and also visited several other of our stores that week to grant even more wishes! We're hoping to be involved when another wish gets granted in St. Louis in the future.

Do you know anyone who deserves to be nominated for a dream day? You can learn more about how they're chosen at

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