Friday, June 21, 2013

What makes the Prius C "1 in 1400"?

It's only been available since March of 2012, and yet the Prius C, Toyota's smallest hybrid vehicle to date, has been racking up awards left and right for its efficiency and dependability. Consumer Reports named it their top pick for overall reliability in a previous study, and both and Parents magazine agreed it earned the title of "Best Hybrid Car for Families". The C may be smaller than the original Prius, but there's still plenty of leg room for adults, and space for kids and cargo.

Prius C, Fuel economy, Best Hybrid car, City vehicle

What else makes this hybrid so exciting? Besides the unanimous praise of automotive experts and publications, scientists like it, too! Capable of an astounding 53 miles to the gallon in city driving (hence the "C" in it's name!) and 46 on the highway, the Prius C has been getting the attention of several scientific groups who have given it their praise. The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy named it the "greenest vehicle", and in a new study, the Automotive Science Group (ASG) compared it to over 1,400 different models of vehicles and declared it the best compact car you can buy. In their words, "...a blend of social, environmental, and economic factors differentiate vehicles from one another", which is why the eco-friendly Prius C was their top pick. Just take a look at their guidelines for judging the vehicles. They're very in-depth and cover everything imaginable to ensure the car not only performs well, but is built in a sustainable manner.

Also, in a world where fuel efficiency often means spending thousands of extra dollars, the base model Prius C starts at under $20,000, making it an attractive option for families looking to get a new vehicle on a budget.

What criteria are important to you when it comes to a well rounded vehicle? Do you agree with the ASG study?


  1. Maybe not the best choice for large families, but for the price and the fuel economy it would be an excellent vehicle if you don't need to cart loads of people around.

  2. Well said, Chris. Great for families with up to two kids. Otherwise, may want to consider a hybrid SUV or other larger options.

  3. No wonder why they call this car an evolution vehicle. Toyota Prius is of the safest car that they have. A good option for family car!