Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Parallel Parking With the Scion iQ [Funny]

Parallel parking - some of us seem to be seasoned experts at it, while others can never quite grasp the concept at all. It certainly takes a reasonable amount of finesse to master this artful process! Just ask anyone who has lived in the suburbs all their life, compared to someone who lives or works in a major metropolitan area. You can reasonably predict who will be the better parallel parker more often than not. I won't lie - I was awful at it for the longest time. That person you saw backing in and out multiple times until finally settling on a shoddy attempt where the car is protruding out into the street? There's a fair chance it was probably me. It wasn't until I moved somewhere that only had off street parking, that I finally started to hone my skills out of necessity.

That being said, Scion released a set of videos just recently showing their new iQ in action, making some ridiculous parking maneuvers. Click the video below to see for yourself! If you haven't heard of the iQ yet, it's being compared to the Smart car and Ford's Smart Fortwo as a serious contender for the title of best smallest car.  We've just started getting the Scion iQ here at Lou Fusz Toyota, and everyone agrees, this thing is tiny but very cool. 

So how good are you at parallel parking? Think you could easily fit a bigger car on the first try, or would you rather have something like the iQ that makes it a breeze to fit into tiny spaces? 

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